The History of the Norwich Fire Department

Our rich history has been documented due to the passing of knowledge and artifacts from one generation to the next. Please contact the Norwich Fire Department at (860) 892-6080 if you or anyone you know may be able to elaborate, contribute, or donate any information or artifacts that may allow us to completely record our rich and historic tradition of service. Thank you for taking the time to view our proud department.

-The Firemen of the Norwich Fire Department (Past and Present)-

Chiefs of the Department

Years 1769-1850

Years 1876-1900

Years 1926-1950

Years 1976-2000

 Years 1851-1875

Years 1901-1925

Years 1951-1975

Years 2001-Present


"Loyal to our Duty"

The preceding accounts of the City of Norwich Fire Department have been a compilation from the following sources:

Norwich Fire Department's Historical Achieve

“History of New London County” Chapter XVII, History of the Norwich Fire Department by Howard L. Stanton Chief of the Department, Dated 1922

Connecticut State Library (City Directories), Norwich, CT. Years 1847, 1857, 1860-1978

The Otis Library, Norwich, CT., Sanborn Fire Maps, Norwich Bulletin Achieves

Norwich Bulletin and New London Day
“Once Upon a Time” (Anniversary Issue) by Bill Stanley, Dated 2001
“Images of America, Norwich” by Dale Plummer, Dated 2003
Connecticut Fireman's Historical Museum


Further contributions from:

Ms. Stella Moran, Mrs. Faith Jennings, Chief Harold Lamphere Jr., Chief Thomas Kirby, Chief James Walsh, Deputy Chief Calvin Cobb, Deputy Chief Ernest Champagne, Deputy Chief Kenneth Merkett, Deputy Chief John Donahue, Deputy Chief William Tessier, Deputy Chief Thomas Casey, Captain Raymond Selvidio, Captain Stanley Homski Jr., Lieutenant Stuart Carter, Lieutenant Joseph Hebert, Lieutenant Scott Merchant, Private Peter Davis, Private Ronald LePage, Private Raymond S. Benoit, Private Paul Tetreault, Private Michael Tirone, Private Steven Fricke, Private Michael Dolan, Private Scott Suplita, Gary Pinkham, Bill Eyberse, William McInerney (Middletown Fire Department), Leon Barnowski (Norwich MIS Dept.)

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